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Petro has signed the cover of my OS3.9 cd (211k)

RAWBInfo 1.24
DefIcons 45.0
gradientslider.gadget 45.3
colorwheel.gadget 45.5
loadmondrvs 45.0
string.gadget 45.7
wbinfo 45.0
NewIconEmu 45.0
wbctrl (part of IPrefs v45)
and AslPrefs

are part of Amiga®OS 3.9.

If you don't have AmigaOS3.9 yet, you can download the last free releases of these programs here:

AslPrefs.lha 50K11-09-00Preferences for asl.library v44 (44.2d)
RAWBInfo.lha 96K09-11-00ReAction based icon information (1.18b)
DefIcons44.lha 65K09-11-00DefIcons clone for os3.5 (44.6a)
GradientSlider.lha 6K09-28-00hi-/truecolor gradient slider (44.6)
ColorWheel.lha 27K08-28-00hi-/truecolor colorwheel.gadget (44.7)
NewIconEmu.lha 3K05-21-00newicon.library replacement for os3.5 (44.3)
lDMNDRVS.lha 2K05-17-99Faster loading of monitor drivers (37.5)

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